Metro Production Services

MPS is the premiere full service backline provider in the Midwest region. We
deliver, setup, and pickup Pro Custom band gear for concerts, theater, tours,
producers, orchestras, studios, and recordings.
All major manufacturers are well represented. MPS has an incredibly wide variety
and full selection of Boutique and Vintage instruments available in all
instrumental areas including  keyboards, guitar amps, bass amps, drums, world
percussion, and orchestral percussion.

We service the diverse specialized needs of  contemporary artists, with an  
exceptionally strong tech staff well versed in advanced technology application
and utilization.

Considered by many as the best at what we do, MPS is consulted by performing
artists, artistic directors, composers, and educational institutions. MPS also
services promoters and event planners.  It is our pleasure to assist in bringing
inspiring music to the public.
Metro Production Services
St. Louis Mo 63115
Phone: 314-330-8329
Fax: 314-385-4821
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