Metro Production Services
Orchestral Percussion
   Deagan                      4 Octive artist special xylophones
   Deagan                      Marimbas
   Deagan                      Parcifal Orchesta Bells
   Deagan                      Round Top Orchestra Bells
   Decature                    Orchestra Bells
   Gretch                        Timpani
   Leedy                         Orchestral Bass Drum
   Leedy                         Timpani
   Ludwig                        Marimbas
   Ludwig                        Orchestr;a Bass drum
   Ludwig                        Orchestra Bells
   Ludwig                        Timpani
   Musser                       Concert Grand Marimba
   Musser                       Concert xylophones
   Musser                       M55 Provibe
   Musser                       Orchestra Bells
   Musser                       Windsor II
   Slingerland                 Orchestral Bass Drum
   Slingerland                 Timpani
   Wurlitzer                      Orchestra Bells
   Yamaha                       2600 Vibraphone
   Yamaha                       Orchestral Bass Drum
World  Percussion
    Afro                            Djembe
    Afro                            Timbales
    Gibralter                     Percussion Table
    Gon Bop                      Ashikos
    Gon Bop                     Batas
    Gon Bop                     Bongos
    Gon Bop                     Cajons
    Gon Bop                    Congas
    Gon Bop                    Tambora
    Gon Bop                    Timbales
     LP                               African Quika Drum
     LP                               Bata Drums
     LP                               Bell Tree
     LP                                Bongos
     LP                                Conga
     LP                                Conga Jr.
     LP                                 Djembe
     LP                                 Everything Percussion Rack
     LP                                 Granite Blocks
     LP                                 Ice Bells
     LP                                 Percussion Table
     LP                                 Quinto
     LP                                 Shekere
     LP                                 Timbales
     LP                                 Tumbae
     LP                                 UDO Drum
     Meinl                             Djembe
     Meinl                             Bongos
     Meinl                             Cajon
     Meinl                             Conga
     Meinl                             Everything Percussion Rack
     Meinl                             Mark Tree
     Meinl                             Percussion Table
     Meinl                             Percussion Toy Box
     Meinl                             Quinto
     Meinl                             Shekere
     Meinl                             Timbales
     Meinl                             Tumba
     Meinl                             UDO Drum
     Panyard                        Steel Pans                 Lead, Tenor, and Bass
     Pearl                             Bongos
       Pearl                             Conga                            
     Pearl                            Mark Treee
     Pearl                            Quinto
     Pearl                            Timbales
     Pearl                            Tumba
     Remo                           Bongos
     Remo                           Conga
     Remo                           Quinto
     Remo                           Surdo Drum
     Remo                           Talking Drum
     Remo                           Timbalis
     Remo                          Tumba
     Skin on Skin               Congas
     Timba                         Bongos
     Timba                         Congas
     Toca                           Bongos
     Toca                           Conga
     Toca                           Doumbek
     Toca                           Mark Tree
     Toca                           Percussion Toy Box
     Toca                           Quinto
     Toca                           Timbalis
     Toca                           Tumba
     Traditional                  Odaiko Drum
     Traditional                  Taiko Drum
     Tycoon                       Bongos
     Tycoon                       Congas
     Tycoon                       Timbales
     Tycoon                        Cajons
Orchestral and  World Percussion
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